Hey, I'm Heather

I am the Co-founder / Art Director / Visual Designer of Substrate Creative, a dynamic design studio specializing in refined design for creative entrepreneurs.

I currently reside in Portland, OR with my partner, Dustin, and our dachshund, June. I'd love the opportunity to work with small businesses and other creatives & makers in my area. I currently work with clients all over the world so don't hesitate to get in touch if you're interested in collaborating!

When I'm not crafting design solutions: I enjoy exploring the city and wilderness with my husband + pup.


Random Facts

I'm obsessed with my dog. I love spy movies/shows/novels. Never without lip balm. I prefer the city but enjoy leaving it too. I'm impatient but have a natural ability to focus. I love being spontaneous, especially when it involves food. I need structure but defy routines. Not a fan of naps. I can't kick my night owl tendencies. Always inspired by Architecture. I'm probably reading right now. xx